The 4 Centres Community Interest Company has recently changed its name to Healthy Neighbourhoods CIC. We have also agreed new objects to ensure that our work focuses on working with the people of North East Hastings, helping them to:

  • Live Better Lives –by looking after themselves, staying healthy and eating well
  • Become More Resilient– by finding ways of dealing with their problems, learning from experience, being able to express how they feel and moving forward
  • Create Opportunities – by raising their aspirations, unlocking and enabling potential, equipping them with new skills and providing the means to improve life chances.
  • Strengthen Their Neighbourhoods – by providing opportunities for social connections and relationships, encouraging participation, inclusion and ‘coming together’

Our Strategic Aims are to:

  1. Increase local resources, assets and social networks for healthy neighbourhoods;
  2. Increase economic independence with local people fulfilling their potential;
  3. Improved self-reliance, prevention and self-care of long-term health conditions and mental well-being;
  4. Developing organisational excellence with strong governance, leadership and demonstrable satisfaction with our services.